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There's Something You Need To Know...


I was born and raised with my twin sister in Newcastle and then in Parkes (from 12), New South Wales, Australia, and there are a few things I stand for;

  1. I'm a direct, honest, and kind communicator. I hate lies, talking behind people's backs, and avoiding discussing hard topics. I advocate for hard, honest, and open conversations to be the norm.
  2. Bullies, self-interested or 'takers'? It's win/win ... or no deal.
  3. Authenticity, courage, and inclusion are the fundamental pillars that create a culture where people feel motivated to do their best, increasing performance and profits. 
  4. Living and leading as the best version of you, day after day, focuses you on your best work and results. 
  5. Go for your dreams and goals; don't wait; otherwise, you'll be helping others reach theirs or get to the end and run out of time for you = REGRET!
  6. You are valuable and enough, no matter your status or title or where you are now. If your emotions and mindset are not supporting you - change them!
  7. If you don't have clarity in each stage of your life (leadership, career), you'll be directionless and chase any shiny object (or follow others' paths or definitions of success).
  8. I've encountered death twice, which forced me to face my mortality. 
  9. Ensure your emotions support you because they inform your thinking and actions. Emotional intelligence is knowing how to use your emotions to help you move forward with committment.
  10. My core values are courage, authenticity, and making a difference:  non-negotiable.

  If any of these resonate with you, you're in the right place!



My childhood was a battleground, full of conflict, where power imbalances, bullying and unchecked emotions ruled.


It was a facade of perfection on the outside while people were being dragged down and disempowered on the inside.


But this difficult upbringing laid the foundation for the diverse roles I am engaged in today.


It's given me a unique perspective, and I had to learn skills and transform myself to overcome these challenges so I didn't stay stuck, held back by my past... which I bring to everything I do.


 In childhood, I learned HOW NOT TO:

❌ resolve conflict AND communicate

❌lead others under your care and responsibility

❌create a culture where people thrive and feel safe

❌live with responsiveness, kindness and intention

❌ manage emotions and act with courage and confidence

❌ be self-aware of yourself and others and be a role model

❌ treat others IF you want to inspire and motivate them


It broke me; I had no self-confidence and no self-esteem, and I wasn't living; I was trying to survive, suffering from high-functioning depression until my early 30s.


If you've ever suspected….like most people I know…that the only way to be successful is to have a 'perfect' upbringing, attend the right school, and have a great start in life…you now have proof it's not true. (I'll spare you all the details, but I will share some details of how I transformed later…)


 How we think about and feel about adversity and control our emotions, thoughts, and actions afterwards makes you an authentic success or a hot mess- it's a choice!



It Took Me Years To Undo THIS...


I had an obstacle (well, let's be honest, I had more than one, haha), ...but this one was front and centre in 2005...I never completed high school, which weighed heavily on me...was I capable of anything more? 


Many people think that achieving a new and significant goal is too difficult and takes too long to accomplish or they can do... So they avoid starting the work and taking action towards their big goals.   They can't even imagine becoming or doing what they want to do, feel, think or be in their career, leadership or life = STUCK.


I decided that if I repeated the same actions 100  or 1000 more times, my life would not improve.  So, I decided to enroll in law school despite the challenges, the unknown, and the uncertainty ahead.


For me, absolute failure lies in not trying something new outside of your comfort zone because there is no growth in comfort.


It was a big, audacious goal without guaranteed success or job prospects.  


At this stage in my life, I had learned how to use my emotions to support me; I wouldn't let fear hold me back; I was in control of myself!

---- 2010 ----


The Day That Changed Everything.


It started at age 18 when I began to read 1000s of books. I had a head full of knowledge and sat on my hands, not taking different actions, so I didn't get any better results.


In my early thirties, I took different actions after my mental health was at rock bottom and I faced my mortality.


This was the day that changed everything.


I  actively worked to transform my mindset (not good enough, no confidence, not smart enough, etc.), emotions (anger, fear, worry, anxiety) and behaviours and that changed everything.  


So, when I started to study law...I had years of practice in personal development, having learned the tools to make bold decisions even when fear is present and set up routines and habits, so I stayed committed to doing my best to reach my goal.


I committed despite all of my obstacles and learned, grew, and became more competent (I came first in a couple of subjects) - even if I failed along the way (and I did fail in my last semester, putting my graduation back six months).


If you ask anyone about their biggest challenge in life - whether it's around leadership, money, career, conflict resolution, relationships, always boils down to two things: Emotional Intelligence and Mindset

---- 2012 ----


I Hated Legal Culture (and I Hid It)


You may not know I almost entirely gave up practising law after 18 months as a graduate lawyer.


I was jaded by what I had experienced and witnessed: the bullying, harassment, favouritism, lack of honest communication, sharp practices, lack of connection, micromanagement, etc. … 


But I wasn't willing to quit law,  so I made my next best decision and decided to go to the Bar...


As a new barrister (lawyer), I worked long and erratic hours; I was stressed, with no contacts and limited experience in a culture of perfectionism and "fitting in", where mistakes are unacceptable, where making a mistake could lead to losing future business (..and it did). If you didn't 'fit it', that could mean no more work. 


After completing the work I was briefed to do,  I often had to follow up on payment of my fees even though I got good results and did my best.


Transactional relationships were exhausting and not how I operated or part of my values.


During my first year, a financially successful senior barrister told me:

"...Louise,  barristers don't chase money."

This provided me with valuable insight into barristers, lawyers, the law and the usual small business operations of barristers and law firms:

💡 Difficult conversations about money and feedback are avoided, with retribution for speaking up resulting in no further work offered.

💡Power imbalances are rife.

💡 "Successful" (often external) lawyers and leaders who don't architect their own lives lack business acumen and leadership skills due to a culture that undervalues these skills and neglects to teach them formally. Many believe that technical skills alone are sufficient for internal and external success.


Sadly, the only education that is mostly valued is legal.


---- 2014 ----


The Day It All Changed!


In 2014, my life took an unexpected turn.


Two years as a barrister with a desire to gain more litigation experience, when I found my passion for mediation—an area where conflicts are resolved outside of court.


The second pivotal crossroad arrived with a breast cancer diagnosis in May 2014, forcing me away from the Bar for a year.   This was the day it all changed.


I had to confront my mortality again; this time, it was different, as this diagnosis was out of my control, but I knew what I could control, so I asked myself serious questions:

💡Is this it?

💡What and who matters most to me, and who do I want to surround myself with?

💡 What do I want to spend my time, energy and focus doing

💡Whose idea of success am I striving for?


Here's the problem you face: the illusion of endless time. It can wait until I retire or get that promotion to X before I design my life, leadership, career, or business.


I know most professionals' goals are either non-existent or out of whack: working 24/7, focused only on career or business success, glued to their phones, distracted and feeling guilty when they look after themselves and don't realise that time is finite. 


But the simple truth is that we either change through disaster or choice (I've done both), and choice is much easier!


The good news is that you can design your life without extreme events as catalysts. 


Returning to the Bar, I craved change. I wanted to be part of it—to be a catalyst for change, to create courageous cultures and confident leaders, and to transform conflict resolution through emotional intelligence so everyone could work in safe, empowering environments and succeed at the next level.


Success is not just external career achievement but a life well-lived, thriving at all levels and in all areas of life.


It can literally change from one day to the next!


---Starting In 2018----


Had To Start Over...


In 2018, I decided to share my transformative journey, which shaped me into a confident, two-time, 6-figure business builder, and the lessons I've learned in personal development to go from where I was where I am now and pass that on to help others excel at the next level.


In 2018, I formalized a lifetime of learning into a certified coaching and consulting service—


It's designed to help lawyers, barristers, leaders, and HR (and businesses | firms) excel and overcome obstacles to succeed at the next level in every aspect of life. 


There isn't a magic pill; it's about making your mindset and emotions support you (there is no middle ground. They either support you or hold you back), committing to taking bold action, adopt proven practices and habits, which gives you courage, competence and confidence, leading to stronger self-belief. 


There are 3 types of people in this world:

1. Those who DON'T learn from their mistakes

2. Those who DO learn from their mistakes

3. Those who LEARN from other people's mistakes. 


I try to be # 2 and #3. 


So if you think, "I don't need a coach, a consultant, or a mediator who uses EQ and high performance", you might just be letting that dream life, leadership, conflict resolution event, career, or business slip through your fingers.


The Confident Leader Blueprint: Change by Design [High Performance, Emotional Intelligence and Dare To Lead (Brene Brown) methodologies and philosophies]


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As you stand at your crossroads, envision your future. YOU, one year from today, where do you want to be - who do you want to be? ⏳


While the familiar path leads to the same outcomes, the road less travelled—the Confident Leader Blueprint—offers a different, rewarding experience (and life).


I would like to discuss what you're looking for in next-level success in leadership, business, life, or mediation, and I'll let you know if I can help (or not). Click here to contact me. 


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👉🏻The weirdest job I've ever had was as a phone and computer cleaner (yes, even Sydney CBD law firms couldn't escape me)

👉🏻I am a chocolate expert - I have worked hard (taken many years) to gain this expertise! 😂

👉🏻 As a certified advanced scuba diver, I had to complete a night dive to earn my stripes. However, I have never done one since then.👎🏻

👉🏻 Lived where history was made, Los Alamos, New Mexico, U.S.A, the birthplace of the atomic bomb.

👉🏻 I ❤️ the line "Everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone."

👉🏻 A Medical Practice Manager for 15 years before transitioning to law. During that time, I worked closely with specialist medical professionals and observed surgeries and a cesarean section first-hand.

👉🏻 I had five jobs in 2002- adaptable, diverse and never a bore! 😉


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The Crucial Conflict Resolution Misconception: Your Technical Skills  & Status Aren't Enough To Get You A 'Win".

 If you've struggled to:

🙈resolve conflict effectively

🙈manage high-conflict personalities

🙈have fun in the process

🙈have tried different mediators (or stick with the one you always use) and are still unsatisfied.

🙈 crack the code to

- reduce stress

- improve your performance

- communicate with influence

- consistently get your desired results... 

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You will be guided and assisted to lead an optimised and enjoyable process as the best version of yourself.


This will achieve your desired outcomes while turning your clients into enthusiastic advocates who refer you to others.

It's win/win!

I mediate the following:

🥊family law (parenting and property)

🥊wills and estates

🥊employment law (and workplace disputes)

🥊medical negligence

🥊institutional abuse


If you've ever suspected - like most lawyers, barristers and business owners/organisations I know - that the best way to get good at conflict resolution is to follow those who have done it for years, are more senior than you,  or figure it out on your own...


The truth is that you will limit your skill set and your success.


Imagine not knowing the fastest, easiest and lowest-risk way to improve your processes because you relied on skills handed down and never questioned them or upskilled yourself.


New, proven methods v old, well-worn, outdated methods.


You choose!

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