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There's Something You Need To Know...


I was born and raised with my twin sister in Newcastle and then in Parkes (from 12), New South Wales, Australia, and there are a few things I stand for;

  1. I'm a direct, honest, and kind communicator. I hate lies, talking behind people's backs, and avoiding hard conversations. I advocate for hard, honest, and open conversations to be the norm.
  2. Bullies, self-interested or 'takers'? It's win/win ... or no deal.
  3. Authenticity, courage, and inclusion are the fundamental pillars that create a culture where people feel motivated to do their best, increasing performance and profits. 
  4. Living and leading as the best version of you, day after day, focuses you on your best work and results. 
  5. Go for your dreams and goals; don't wait; otherwise, you'll be helping others reach theirs or get to the end and run out of time for you = REGRET!
  6. You are valuable and enough, no matter your status or title or where you are now. If your emotions and mindset do not support taking risks, change them!
  7. If you don't have clarity in each stage of your life (leadership, career), you'll be directionless and chase any shiny object (or follow others' paths or definitions of success).
  8. I've encountered death twice, and I encourage everyone to have a mortality conversation with themselves sooner rather than later. 
  9. Living a balanced and satisfying life isn't a wish; it's a must!
  10. My core values are courage, authenticity, and making a difference:  non-negotiable.

  If any of these resonate with you, you're in the right place!



When I was a child, everything seemed perfect from the outside, but behind closed doors, my caregivers were dysregulated and created chaos. Instead of supporting me, they projected their limitations onto me and made me feel worthless.


I struggled with high-functioning depression, low self-worth and no self-confidence from childhood until my early 30's.

It Took Me TIME To Undo THIS...


I worked in many roles before law, and I:

👉🏻 Didn't finish high school

👉🏻 Worked in retail, retail management, banking, cleaning and as a medical specialist practice manager. 


I appeared like a strong, independent woman through all this time. I was struggling with feelings of not being enough, and fear drove every decision and my behaviour; I felt like I was trying to survive every day. 


From 18 years of age, I read hundreds of books on personal development, including mindset, communication, conflict, anger, and anything you could imagine about humans. 


It wasn't until I hit rock bottom in my early 30s that I decided to stop dabbling and stopped focusing ONLY on gathering an extensive knowledge bank. I had to turn things around and feel like I was taking charge.  


I asked for help, and with that support and guidance, I began the road to mindset and emotional mastery, which led to life mastery. 


This experience taught me the importance of investing in myself, asking for help and taking massive action. 

---- 2010 ----

A Leap Of Faith..(in myself)!


In 2005, I started to study law.


I was confident that if I succeeded or failed, I would learn from the experience and know I had given my best.


It was a big, audacious goal without guaranteed success or job prospects if I graduated as a lawyer...and I did in 2010. 


---- 2012 ----


More Challenges To Overcome...


I had more to give and learn as a lawyer, even though I sometimes felt like giving up due to the mindset and cultural (behavioural) challenges that were so difficult for me to navigate.


I had a goal that no distractions or hardship would prevent me from being a lawyer, and I had worked hard to achieve that goal.


After less than 2 years of working as a lawyer, my next best decision was to become a barrister, and I sat three BAR exams and passed them all simultaneously.


I continued to invest in myself (a lot) and take massive action, which showed me what I was capable of.

---- 2014 ----


Only 2 Things Change Your Life: Something New Comes Into It, Or We Become New From Within


I had become new from within by investing in myself over my lifetime to help me overcome my personal struggles and professional challenges. 


The second change in my life was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2014, forcing me to take a year away from the Bar to undergo surgeries and treatment. 


By choosing to invest in me, having mastered my mindset and emotions over a lifetime, this was my saviour in the most challenging of circumstances - confronting my mortality.  


At that time, I knew I would pursue an atypical barrister path. I was unwilling to wait until I retired or had X in the bank or Y properties to do what was most meaningful to me, and I was unwilling to sacrifice what mattered most.


I still wanted success, but success was defined by me.

---Starting In 2018----




In 2018, I started formalising a lifetime of personal development learning.


I had learned about and tested many methods and strategies over the years, and I knew what worked for me and others and found the modalities I could confidently recommend as trustworthy to produce change and results:

🔥Emotional Intelligence

🔥 High Performance

🔥 Dare To Lead (Brene Brown)


I decided to use my learnings, knowledge and skills to help others in conflict resolution, leadership and life to overcome their challenges so they live and lead by design, not by default. 


In 2020, I stopped accepting litigation briefs and only accepted mediation briefs. I began offering leadership coaching, business consulting, and high-performance education in the Confident Leader Blueprint.


Change is never easy, but it's only because I have mastered my mindset, emotions, and habits that I can weather the ups and downs of life with more skill and resilience and build a business that matters, makes a difference and creates lasting change.


I've coached leaders, directors, and professionals, consulted with businesses, spoken at seminars and conferences internationally, featured in articles, attended Harvard, led teams, and successfully mediated hard cases with high-conflict personalities that many thought had little chance of success. 


This didn't happen overnight. It was only because I implemented what I learned, took massive action, and mastered my mindset, emotions, and habits that I could turn things around in my life, career, and business and achieve things I never dreamed were possible. Now, I help others do the same.


I feel deeply fulfilled, content, and happy, and I feel like I'm just getting started in this new chapter that I love!


My mission is to help legal professionals and workplaces resolve conflict more easily,  and to help female professionals become top 1% of leaders in their field without stress or sacrificing what matters most. 


I achieve this by offering the 5-Star-Rated (9.7/10) leadership coaching program, The Confident Leader Blueprint, a proven consulting strategy, and Harvard-based, high-performance and EQ mediations. These provide the support people need to master The Confident Leader Blueprint method and excel, performing above the standard norm over the long haul. 


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👉🏻The weirdest job I've ever had was as a phone and computer cleaner (in corporate Sydney offices)

👉🏻I am a chocolate expert - I have worked hard (taken many years) to gain this expertise! 😂

👉🏻 As a certified advanced scuba diver, I had to complete a night dive to earn my stripes. However, I have never done one since then- I HATED it.👎🏻

👉🏻 Lived where history was made, Los Alamos, New Mexico, U.S.A, the birthplace of the atomic bomb (and Oppenheimer movie).

👉🏻 I ❤️ the line "Everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone."

👉🏻 A Medical Practice Manager for 15 years before transitioning into law. During that time, I worked closely with specialist medical professionals and observed brain tumour removal, plastic surgery ++ and a cesarean section first-hand.

👉🏻 I had five medical jobs in 2002- adaptable, diverse and never a bore! 😉

Louise's Certifications, Experience And Achievements Are Diverse - She Does Things A Little Differently To Others


Louise is a legal professional  (only accepts conflict resolution briefs) and has been certified by leading institutions for coaching, consulting and negotiation to help lawyers, businesses and female professionals become Top 1% in their field without stress or sacrificing what matters most.


P.S. You don't have to try to live your best, most successful life alone and try to figure it out solo. You need to ask for help!


P.P.S. There is good news for you: You save time and money by allowing Louise to support you. She has spent the time (and money) so she can confidently pass on proven strategies to you, taking out the guesswork and stress so that you excel in months and years, not decades, wasting time, energy, and resources trying to figure it out yourself.

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 The Confident Leader Blueprint Coaching and Consulting Services


 95% of leaders, teams and businesses are using what has been handed down or they use trial and error, losing opportunities (time and money) to  learn  to:

👉🏻Perform at the heights that would blitz competitors

👉🏻 Create a brave culture so everyone feels safe and performs consistently above the norm, attracting and retaining top talent with five-star ⭐️ reputations.

👉🏻To improve the human side of the business, leaving it up to business strategies to excel and forgetting humans are behind strategies.


... and because most businesses and leaders don't develop their human skills, EQ, mindset, communication, productivity, influence, etc, they don't differentiate themselves from their competitors; everyone looks and acts the same and gets the same results.


 It's time to make a different choice... If you want different results.


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  The Confident Leader Mediation & Workplace Dispute Resolution.


Modern conflict resolvers enjoy the process; they choose to work with people they can learn from and who help them see what they can accomplish. 

They don't focus on what doesn't add value; they focus on possibilities.

They have redefined what 'winning' and 'losing' means in this new era.

It's moved to something more meaningful and connected. 

With a renewed focus on 100% responsibility.

And many of the smartest and most effective have this fresh, new perspective.


The Confident Leader mediations combine legal, emotional intelligence, high-performance, and Harvard skills to help leverage what works to move the needle, so resolution is much easier.

It's win/win!

I mediate the following areas:

🥊family law (parenting and property)

🥊wills and estates

🥊employment law

🥊 workplace disputes

🥊medical negligence

🥊institutional abuse

You choose a new, proven method with fresh ideas and perspectives versus old, well-worn, outdated methods that haven't changed with people's needs and don't help to differentiate you or improve your skills.


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