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Barrister | Mediator (Harvard), High-Performance Emotional Intelligence, Dare To Lead Coach and Consultant Reveals How To Triple Your Performance + Results At Mediation.


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How To Get ALL Your Conflict Resolved (With Less Stress & Frustration) WITHOUT Having To Have All Of The Answers Or Amazing Skills.


Do you need to resolve conflict in law or your workplace? In the next few minutes, I will show you how to resolve conflict with better processes, higher performance, and optimised results.


Did you know that leaders spend over 20% of their time on conflict resolution, and employees spend at least 2.1 hours on conflict weekly, costing companies millions of dollars annually?


You may not know that legal mediations fail when one party (or lawyer) has no intention of settling and has a fixed desire to go to a hearing regardless, high-conflict parties are mismanaged,  or the mediator recommends parties go to a hearing and gives up, or the mediator doesn't have the skills to improve the process, performance and mindset of themselves or the parties (and their lawyers), not aware "you can't separate the people from the problem"  because in many disputes people's emotions, mindset and communication are obstacles to resolution.


Here's the problem you face: as workplace dynamics shift and legal disputes become more complex, it leaves leaders and lawyers frustrated about what the most effective, proven, and modern mediation strategies and competent mediators are compared to the 'way it has always been done with the same mediators." 


This causes status quo and stagnation, which means you bleed money in unresolved disputes, tarnish your reputation, decrease productivity and morale, and lose precious time, risking business and professional integrity and growth.


Fortunately, a powerful solution awaits The Confident Leader Blueprint for Mediation & Workplace Dispute—unlocking empowering, satisfying conflict resolution excellence and optimal results.


1. EQ Mastery: Navigate conflicts with an emotional intelligence mediator, transcending barriers for a sustainable, positive resolution.

2. Performance Amplification: Blend emotional intelligence with legal expertise for legal and human-focused -  efficient conflict resolution, unimpeded by personal biases.

3. Bias Mitigation: Minimise assumptions and ego-driven behaviours, fostering transparent, influential communication for grown-up resolutions.

4. Mental Agility: Manage conflicts with confidence, sidelining emotional and mental mismanagement, and nurturing positive, respectful interactions.

5. Influential Communication: Harness emotional intelligence to disarm aggression, ensuring conflicts don't derail harmony, relationships or results.

6. Multidisciplinary Approach: Merge legal acumen with emotional intelligence and high performance, erasing roadblocks and obstacles for practical, modern, proven... people-centred conflict resolution.

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Average client rating

“Her skills were instrumental in resolving the matter”

“Louise treated me and my client as important and with skill. She was well prepared and accessible, easy to approach and committed to adding value. She was positive and built rapport with me and my client. Her skills were instrumental in resolving the matter."

VS – Principal Solicitor

“Louise's dedication to resolving the matter was wonderful”

“... it really assisted how things progressed. The client was very comfortable with Louise. Even though it was mostly a shuttle mediation, it felt very collaborative. There was nothing I didn't like about the mediation. I love working with Louise as a mediator. I would definitely recommend Louise"

KE – Solicitor

Adam West - Coleman Greig Lawyers

"Louise helped bring about settlement at mediation in difficult circumstances..."


This was accomplished mainly through her interactions with a challenging party.


I would definitely recommend and refer Louise to other family lawyers as a family law mediator. 


Adam West - Principal Lawyer

"I cannot think of one way Louise could have improved her interactions with my client.."


There wasn't anything I didn't like about Louise's mediation methods.

All of her dealings with me and my client were appropriate and well-handled.

Our client was praised and reality-tested.

I would definitely recommend Louise to others to mediate their family law matters." 

Carli Heald - Family Lawyer

Unlock Mastery in Conflict Resolution: Enhance Relationships, Retain Talent,  Optimise Client Satisfaction, and Elevate Reputation, Productivity And Results!


This is a half and full-day  mediation and workplace conflict resolution service for: 


⭐️ Family law (parenting and  property)

⭐️ Employment law (and workplace disputes)

⭐️ Wills and Estates

⭐️ Medical Negligence

⭐️Institutional Abuse


Here's How It Works:

🔥 Pre-Mediation Excellence: Embark on a transformative journey toward resolution through personalized Zoom pre-mediation or workplace dispute consultations, laying the groundwork and roadmap for lasting solutions and thriving workplaces.


🚀 Bespoke Conflict Resolution:

🤝Rapport-Fueled: Trust and expectations are built pre-mediation, cultivating more collaboration for smoother, productive interactions and results.


⚡️ Dynamic Breakouts: Breakouts where you are helped to steer yourself and your clients/teams towards satisfying outcomes.


💡 Strategic Time Investment: Tailored attention to to setting up the process and people for success:  speeds progress, builds momentum, breaks down barriers, and fuels success stories.


🥇 Rare Coaching & Mentorship: Leading lawyers and their clients with cutting-edge conflict resolution skills (including Harvard and EQ), which drives client referrals to lawyers and leaders who are known for working with the most up to date practices, getting  optimal results.  That's the potential of this process.


🚒 Delivered in person or on Zoom across Australia. 


💲Cost: From $3000 to $5000 (plus GST).


🎉🎉Bonus: After each mediation or workplace dispute resolution event involving Louise as a mediator, provides (with permission granted) a personalized, confidential report highlighting your strengths and growth areas within seven days.


Harnessing actionable insights, this feedback empowers lawyers, barristers, HR, and leaders to refine their conflict resolution prowess.


Valued at $250 per person, this tailored mentorship enhances your continuous skill improvement, elevating your expertise —paving the way for exponential professional growth and more success in every resolution event. 

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Barrister | Mediator (Harvard), High-Performance Emotional Intelligence, Dare To Lead Coach and Consultant Reveals How To Triple Your Performance + Results At Mediation Instantly.


Come on, give yourself a performance edge, and grab my fan-favourite FREE resource, "Mastering Conflict: Your 3 Step Shortcut For Immediate Results, " so you'll win every time!





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