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FREE Leadership Clarity Training Registration

How I Help Legal Professionals,

 Businesses and Organisations Resolve Conflict Skilfully Without Sacrificing What Matters Most.

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Ever Wonder What You'll Get When You Work With Me In Legal Mediations and Workplace Dispute Resolution?


One reason we don't come together as leaders to resolve conflict and work with one another is that we see people on the other side as the enemy when they disagree with our ideas (this does not refer to high-conflict personalities).


We quickly assume their motives are wrong, devalue them (they are now the problem), and stop listening and being curious.


As a result, we lose trust and make up stories about them, causing us to build walls, draw lines, refuse to engage in positive or meaningful communication, and create sub-conflict.


 That becomes the problem to resolution. 


So how do we leverage the needles that move people and the process forward, overcoming obstacles and giving you the best chance to achieve your desired result? 


You work with Louise Mathias, the Confident Leader,  who helps you overcome high-conflict personalities, human and legal obstacles (and more) because unresolved obstacles derail processes, people's performance and results. 

Working with Louise is not limited to ONLY that, you also get:

⭐️ A Barrister with legal knowledge and skills
⭐️ A High Performance + Emotional Intelligence Coach and Consultant
⭐️ A Harvard Trained Negotiation, Hard Conversation, Leadership Specialist.

⭐️A Dare To Lead (Brene Brown) Trained Consultant
⭐️ Personalised Advice and Support
⭐️ Pre-Mediations To Set Up The Process and People for Greater Odds of Success
⭐️ Feedback Within Seven Days of Strengths and Areas for Skill Growth (if agreed) - valued at $250 per person get the whole day to ask me questions and get to know what I know. 

So be prepared to:

👉🏻Learn some new skills and see what is possible in conflict resolution (you may be surprised)
👉🏻Be more focused on the right things with more confidence and clarity 
👉🏻Have more fun on the way
👉🏻Become an even more competent and confident negotiator.

👉🏻 Be involved in a process where you set the ground rules

➡➡➡And most importantly, you'll discover what conflict resolution can do for you (your clients, teams, workplace, leadership and business)

What you won't get:

❌ A process focused ONLY on legal positions or the substance of the dispute (because when mediations break down, it's not usually because of the terms; it's because of the fundamental disconnect between people) 
❌ An adjudication, providing a final evaluative opinion as a 'certainty' (I'm not a judge or adjudicator; I don't offer advice on untested evidence)
❌ Me spending hours in my room, focused on doing 'other' work
❌ A free-for-all (we want more fun, right?) 😆
❌ Me telling you you'd be better off attending a final hearing or giving up.
❌ Some fluffy woo-woo advice (I don't trust that either)!
❌ Me telling you to settle (you take ownership of the outcome)

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Don't Take My Word For It...Take A Look At What My Clients Say...





Average client rating

“Her skills were instrumental in resolving the matter”

“Louise treated me and my client as important and with skill. She was well prepared and accessible, easy to approach and committed to adding value. She was positive and built rapport with me and my client. Her skills were instrumental in resolving the matter."

VS – Principal Solicitor

“Louise's dedication to resolving the matter was wonderful”

“... it really assisted how things progressed. The client was very comfortable with Louise. Even though it was mostly a shuttle mediation, it felt very collaborative. There was nothing I didn't like about the mediation. I love working with Louise as a mediator. I would definitely recommend Louise"

KE – Solicitor

Adam West - Coleman Greig Lawyers

"Louise helped bring about settlement at mediation in difficult circumstances..."


This was accomplished mainly through her interactions with a challenging party.


I would definitely recommend and refer Louise to other family lawyers as a family law mediator. 


Adam West - Principal Lawyer

"I cannot think of one way Louise could have improved her interactions with my client.."


There wasn't anything I didn't like about Louise's mediation methods.

All of her dealings with me and my client were appropriate and well-handled.

Our client was praised and reality-tested.

I would definitely recommend Louise to others to mediate their family law matters." 

Carli Heald - Family Lawyer

Barrister | Mediator (Harvard), High-Performance Emotional Intelligence, Dare To Lead Coach and Consultant Reveals How To Triple Your Performance + Results At Mediation Instantly.


Come on, give yourself a performance edge, and grab my fan-favourite FREE resource, "Mastering Conflict: Your 3 Step Shortcut For Immediate Results, " so you'll win every time!





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