10 Steps To A Powerful Mindset

Many professionals on LinkedIn and people on social media showcase their successes and achievements, portraying a perfect life and career.

Most conceal the personal difficulties they have been through or are currently facing, fearing that others will criticise or think less of them or that it will impact their success if they do.

We are all humans, no matter what we do and all face challenges at one time or another.

By age 32, I had attempted suicide twice, and then I committed to a better future for myself and worked hard to shift my mindset, which changed my life and its trajectory.

This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about helping others by what I do: conflict resolution, coaching and consulting.

A powerful mindset is within your grasp – If I did it, you can too!

So here's how you grow your powerful #Emotionalintelligence + #growthmindset

1. Identify Your Weaknesses: Acknowledging your weaknesses is crucial. It's the first step toward personal growth.

2. Embrace Challenges: View challenges as opportunities for growth (what can I learn?), not threats or opportunities to prove yourself constantly. They are stepping stones to your success.

3. Learn from Failures: Understand that failure is a part of the journey to mastery. Analyse your failures, extract lessons, and apply them to future endeavours.

4. Get Clarity: Establish clear, achievable personal (the best version of you) and professional goals that stretch you to reach a future vision. Aim high and celebrate small wins.

5. Understand Your Emotions: Recognise your feelings, their triggers, and how they impact your mindset, decisions and actions.

6. Get Curious: Cultivate a hunger for learning and taking bold action. Be curious, explore new skills and ways of doing things, and then take different actions.

7. Adopt a "Yet" Mindset: Instead of saying "I can't," add "yet" to the end. This simple shift opens doors to your continuous learning and growth. If you are afraid to be embarrassed by trying something new [being a beginner], you'll never master anything.

8. Define Your Values: Define your core values and principles. They guide your choices and help you stay true to yourself.

9. Positive Self-Talk: When negative thoughts arise, consciously challenge and reframe them

10. Celebrate Effort, NOT ONLY Outcomes: Acknowledge your effort. Success is not just about the outcome but the effort and the hard work you invest.

Life's emotional and mental struggles in personal and professional lives are real, but you can choose to minimise the challenges with a powerful mindset.

So, if you are exhausted, anxious, full of self-doubt, or discouraged, consider investing in your future by shifting your mindset and learning how to become a confident leader.

It starts with self-leadership

You can start building something that truly matters — to you and your 'people'.

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