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 High-Performance & EQ Coaching Is Based On A Structured Curriculum.  It's Used in 80+ Countries With 140,000 Coaching Sessions Measured  AND Evaluated As The Highest Regarded Coaching Curriculum In The World, With a 97% Satisfaction Rating...

 Be Your Best So You Lead At Your Best.


Louise Mathias, Barrister (Lawyer), Mediator, Coach, Consultant & Educator. 


Louise Mathias focuses on the practical application of high performance, emotional intelligence, and Dare to Lead (Brene Brown) practices. These practices are designed to strategically boost conflict resolution, leadership, teams, business performance, well-being, and results without sacrificing what matters most, empowering you to implement them professionally and personally.


Welcome to The Confident Leader Blueprint Coaching and Consulting method.


The coaching program is a structured, proven curriculum that is scientifically researched, data-backed, and results-driven.



ūüôČ This won't work for me, my teams or my business; If you're MARRIED to the idea 'it won't work for ME"¬†If you argue for your disbelief, you will own it, experience and live and lead it.¬†So, let me show you how it will work for you, your business, your conflict resolution, and your life. It's worked for 10s of 1000s of others¬†and many clients I've worked with personally;¬†there's no reason it won't¬†work for you and your business, too.

ūü߆ + ūüôąI can't...who am I to think I can do this? Are you consistently allowing your internal¬†thoughts and feelings¬†to hold you back and sabotage your success?¬† I believe in you, and you must permit yourself to increase self-confidence.

ūüôč‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ I can do¬†this alone. Even though it feels safe to do it alone, you'd have done it already and gotten¬†your desired results, ... if you could.

‚Źį I can't. I don't have time and am already overwhelmed and too busy. I can't take anything else on. Is your brain lying to you, telling you you can do it "later" and hoping for the best in the meantime?¬†Do you feel like you're underperforming, overwhelmed, or constantly behind? How is that working out for you?

ūüíł I can't; I don't have money. Are you living and leading with an abundance mindset and EQ or from a scarcity mindset with little EQ¬†(a BIG hurdle to next-level success)? Getting started is the only way to get closer to your goals [Plus, I offer several payment plan options and currency options to help you go all in]

ūü§ěI just need strategies, vision and business growth to¬†fix everything or a single secret ingredient to create the massive success¬†I dream of...but NO ONE single factor will make you a successful, impactful leader.¬†If that were the case, don‚Äôt you think you‚Äôd be seeing the results you want already?¬†


ūü•áAllow me to help you excel and take charge of your leadership, conflict resolution, life and business with the Confident Leader Blueprint method, with its¬†9 core habits,¬† so you live and lead your best life confidently and¬†with clarity¬†and¬†use your most precious commodity‚ÄĒtime‚ÄĒwith purpose.


Your next step is¬†your first step‚ÄĒbook a coaching application call. During the call, I'll ask you questions to understand you better. We can discuss how I can help you and whether you would like my support if there is a fit. If I can't, I'll point you in the right direction. It's a casual conversation with no pressure.¬†


Enough of me telling you; let me show you: BOOK your application call to discover if we need to spend more time together in the future to fast-track your success.


Instead of saying 'this won't work for me," - Ask yourself… what if this DID work for ME? What would that make possible for you, your teams, your business and your life?


4 Stages of High-Performance Coaching In The Confident Leader Blueprint

The High-Performance (including EQ) methodology Is structured and has four stages, each with 12 coaching sessions. 
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Stage 1

High-Performance Core Habits


In this stage, we focus on cultivating high-performance habits and routines that optimise your clarity, mental, physical, and emotional energy, courage, productivity, influence, necessity, and purpose.

Leadership starts with self-leadership.

 Stage 2

Master Your  Behaviours


In this stage, you learn to master your internal world and better direct your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours using the 10 human drives framework. 


Mastering Taking Charge of Your Life, Leadership, Conflict Resolution (whatever you do, think and feel)


Stage 3

Build Self-Confidence 


In this stage, you build your ability to show up authentically as your best self and pursue your goals and dreams without being held back by feeling unsure, lacking self-confidence, self-doubt, self-worth, or fears that keep you prisoner. You will build your self-confidence, skills and courage, as you become the most competent captain of your ship!

Stage 4.

High Performance - HIgh Road Leadership 


In this stage, we dive into the leadership framework and how you perceive your role as a leader and your awareness of your leadership influences, helping you adopt a role model mindset with aspirations to continuously positively lead yourself and others to the next your personal life, business, and community. 


People Who Trust Me To Coach Them...

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 "Before I worked with Louise I drifted...I now have clarity and focus in my life.'


"Working with Louise has been a transformative experience as someone who has struggled with personal and professional growth. 

Louise helped me identify my limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. She helped me better understand myself and my motivations through thoughtful and insightful questioning. In addition, she provided me with tools and techniques to overcome my fears and doubts and to stay focused on my goals. 

Louise challenged me to step outside my comfort zone, take risks and try new things. She helped me build my self-confidence. 

Louise helped me set meaningful goals and create actionable plans to achieve them. 

She helped me communicate more effectively with others. Now I set clear boundaries and communicate my needs clearly and respectfully. 

Working with Louise has helped me overcome my fears and doubts and given me the confidence to achieve my goals. 

I recommend working with Louise; it's a positive, transformative experience. 

Louise is an ethical, compassionate professional who will help you achieve your best if you do the work.' 


Tribunal Member [30 years legal practitioner] 


"..access a higher level of performance at work and in my relationships."


"I struggled with setting boundaries, productivity, staying focused when I my mindset races and I feel overwhelmed. I wanted to juggle all areas of my life well and stay motivated to be healthy in mind and body, which was important to me.


Louise has given me the direction and tools to access a higher performance level at work, in my relationships and personal life.


I highly recommend working with Louise in "The Confident Leader Blueprint" Program. She gives you all the tools to create high-performance habits to perform at your best and live your purpose daily."



K. H. ‚Äď Principal | Director


"Learning to be more courageous has significantly impacted me, personally and professionally."


 " I struggled with self doubt, worrying what people thought of me, with difficulty forming connections. I felt dissatisfied with my personal life and my inability to get outside my comfort zone and try new things.

After completing "The Confident Leader Blueprint" coaching program, I have been able to take action, that I never dreamed possible. 

I have been helped to show up as the best version of myself and where I want to go instead of focusing on whats wrong, and what could go wrong, which has improved how I feel about myself and the decisions I make.

It's been a life-changing experience...mind-blowing!"


A.B. Partner - Law Firm

" many positive changes"


 I was overwhelmed, stressed and directionless in my business and personal life. 


I have seen so many positive changes, way more than I could have ever expected or dared to think possible. 


I am now aware of the entrenched thought patterns that were holding me back, and I've been given the tools and strategies for big changes.  


I no longer feel like I'm drowning in overwhelm because I have an intention to challenge my thoughts and perfectionism.  I know transformation takes time, and I'm committed to making long-term changes.


I have made positive progress with the accountability and guidance I received from Louise. 


I have no hesitation in recommending you work with Louise. 

B.F.  Principal | Director 



"Louise has supported and challenged me through "The Confident Leader Blueprint" coaching program to break through my beliefs, perfectionism and limiting mindset. 


The habits and tools Louise provided me to increase my productivity, change my perspective and boldly engage in difficult conversations have catapulted me to reach my full potential, living life with reduced stress, increased happiness and better results, personally and professionally. 


I highly recommend you work with Louise to help you reach your goals with extraordinary results in all aspects of your life.


It has been life-changing for me!"


Lynne ‚Äď Accountant & Workplace Trainer


‚ÄúA truly valuable and rewarding experience that has changed my life‚ÄĚ


The Confident Leader Blueprint -  coaching program has given me insight into areas that have affected my self-belief, courage, and productivity, and provided me with the resources to have more courage and clarity. Louise is relatable, compassionate, honest, and helpful, and challenged me to reach the next level. She has encouraged and supported me to see my goals come to fruition.

Having Louise coach me has been a truly valuable and rewarding experience that has changed my life."

Dita ‚Äď HR

High Performance, Emotional Intelligence and Dare To Lead (Brene Brown) ...

The Confident Leader Blueprint Consulting

Are your leaders, teams or business struggling with:

ūüöß Overwhelm

ūüöß Perfectionism | Procrastination

ūüö߬†Poor Productivity

ūüöß Disengaged Employees (hard to attract and keep employees)

ūüö߬† Poor Performance

ūüöß Doubting Whether "Better or More" is Possible

ūüöß Bullying, Harassment, Fear Driven Behaviours (Culture)

ūüöß Feeling Lost & Dissatisfied With¬†A Toxic "Fit In" Culture

ūüöß Decision Making Is¬†An Ordeal Trying To Make The "Perfect Decision" (put off, avoided, slow)

ūüöß No progress, Stuck in The Status Quo,¬†World is Changing.

ūüöß Not Getting the Results You Want For All of Your Hard Work

ūüöß No Work-Life Balance

ūüöß Burnout, Stress, Anxiety, Workaholic Culture

ūüöß Poor communication, with gossip being the norm?

ūüöß ... more


These are very common, and successful leaders, teams, and businesses rise above excuses and firmly held beliefs (often by default) and overcome the challenges head-on to achieve their next-level goals, feeling empowered to change the current status and take charge to make it happen.


You can achieve the progress and results you deserve for all of your hard work... with Confident Leader Blueprint Consulting.


It consists of two phases, and it helps leaders, teams, businesses, and organisations drive positive change through human skill development, strategies, and systemisation. This leads to growth, and results you probably can't imagine are possible now.

Phase 1


Discovery Phase


In Phase 1, a strategic methodology centres on uncovering the genuine, often obscured, underlying causes holding leaders, teams, and businesses back from greatness and getting the results they want and deserve before making recommendations.


This Phase 1 discovery process safeguards against wasting resources, such as time, energy, and assets, by solving the wrong issues or problems.


It's an opportunity to uncover the real issues, and then I make recommendations to overcome the obstacles, focusing on creating high-performing leaders, teams, businesses, and organisations.


ūüí°leadership and team coaching and consulting


ūüí°speaking - masterclassesūüĎá

ūüí°training + education



Available: Nationally and Internationally


Phase 2


Deliverables Phase


In Phase 2, recommendations are translated into actionable plans to develop and grow people and ensure effective implementation within an agreed-upon time frame. 


This approach aims to embed lasting change within organisations, businesses, and cultures by developing human skills and systematising processes with measurable outcomes.


The emphasis on continuity,  momentum, and follow-through underscores my dedication to delivering meaningful results that put you in the lead, even when challenged and in chaos. 


This engagement allows for iterative adjustments and fine-tuning strategies and systems to address evolving challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities.


Together, we drive enduring value and facilitate long-term success so you experience growth as you strive for more, feeling fulfilled, confident and happy... on the journey and when you reach your goals, as leaders!


Available: Nationally and Internationally

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 Businesses That Trust Me...

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"We've had the support to grow and ...we have desperately needed this opportunity to stop and take stock...It has had a profound impact."

Director - Law Firm


'We worked through unresolved entrenched conflict and realised that we could move from our positions when we communicated about our 'why.'  I was particularly engaged when did work on our purpose and defining  success..." 

Director - Law Firm



 "I would describe the impact of consulting on my decision-making and future success as a  leader as HUGE..."


Director - Law Firm


'I have been assisted in holding others accountable in a way that will not derail relationships. What surprised me the most was the content Louise delivered on how we can think about and approach things. '


Director - Law Firm



'I found Louise's approach very inspiring because of its depth and how it made me feel that progress was possible... The consulting process has opened up possibilities for me and emphasised the importance of honesty and hope.'

Director - Law Firm

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P.S. Delivered online or in person.

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Meet Louise


Louise has been a lifelong learner in personal development,  has achieved becoming a barrister in law, has led teams  (in/out of law) and businesses, and has been certified by various leading institutions to deliver world-class methodologies that engage and amplify results, relationships, well-being and life satisfaction.

Money Back Guarantee


 I stand behind this coaching program so deeply that results are a foregone conclusion when it is implemented and mastered. 


I am here to help you reach the next level, and part of that is making and fulfilling your commitments, which start with your commitment to yourself.


Therefore, I offer a risk-free money-back guarantee that you will make progress with my coaching services when you:


‚úÖ commit to completing the coaching worksheets and being fully engaged in the program

✅ you take bold action as advised or agreed, even when you don't feel like doing it and want to deviate from the plan.

✅ hold yourself accountable for more... (because I will support and challenge you so you take action that will help you reach your goals)


So if you do all of these and you don't make progress, you can have your money back without any questions asked.


Because I'm fully committed to helping you progress so you reach your goals... and your satisfaction matters.


Book your 15-minute Zoom coaching application call to discover if it fits you (and visa versa).  

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From making your future clear while tapping into the mindset of a Mediator (Harvard), Certified High Performance, EQ and Dare To Lead (Brene Brown) Coach and Consultant: Louise Mathias of The Confident Leader Blueprint covers all this in this FREE training.


Now, if you're MARRIED to the idea, this “won't work" for ME.


I want you to know...If you argue for your disbelief, you will own it.


You will experience it.


If, on the other hand, you are open to possibilities, then everything is available to you.


Including what you think is impossible.


Just ask yourself… what if this DID work for ME? What would that make possible?


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