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How to Gain A Positively Unfair Advantage In Leadership, Business And Life...


I Help Current, Emerging and Future Leaders Live & Lead Courageously & Confidently, Designing Your Leadership (and Life's) Impact, Success & Profits... Even When You're Crap At It Now. 


Did you know that:

📌Only 42% of employees have confidence in their leader's performance, creating a massive obstacle to growth.

📌69% of Millennials are concerned that their workplace does not develop leadership skills, making it harder to retain top talent.


Here's the problem you as a leader face:  

You're successful from all outward appearances as a current, emerging, or future leader. Still, many people aren't willing, to be honest with you because "you're the boss or the future boss." You can't talk honestly with your teams and colleagues about your fears and the chaos, your daily struggles, challenges, and mindset obstacles and emotional struggles, worried that if you do, it will show you're 'weak' and it will be used against you.


Are you struggling with self-doubt, perfectionism and fear of "Have I made the right decision...will this work? Am I good enough, will I fail and everyone will see I'm incompetent?" which constantly undermines every word and action you take, turning that feeling of "successful" into feelings of "when will I be exposed?"


Sleepless nights are common. You repeatedly replay every moment of perceived (or actual)  failure, all of the mistakes worried that it proves your incompetence - when you feel you're expected to prove yourself and be perfect in everything you do and deliver.


The weight of leadership is suffocating every ounce of confidence out of you. 


You silently scream for proven specialist guidance to help you create order, habits, and strategies so you have the performance edge and the confidence to get extraordinary results with less stress.


Fortunately, there is a solution for you. 


Let me introduce you to the Confident Leader Blueprint – a revolutionary fusion of high-performance strategies, emotional intelligence mastery, and Dare To Lead leadership methodologies. It's a deep dive into the core of leadership, which starts with self-leadership.


You're probably sceptical about the program's efficacy, afraid of investing in yourself or your business with the wrong program, fearful it won't work for you, and you know you need to balance that with the fear of staying stagnant and becoming uncompetitive, which isn't an option, right?


 This works for you if you've ever been underestimated, and the one underestimating you is YOU. 


Here's a brief outline: 48 sessions across four modules (3 months to 2 years of coaching) create lasting growth and transformation to remove the obstacles holding you back (and you decide after each module whether to proceed). It's for current, emerging, and future leaders, firms, and businesses ready for more!


You need to know... even now... your emotions will tell your mind to leave, saying things like  "I don't have time or money, I can't change, this won't work, not another coach"... and you'll retreat and keep going through the motions, or they'll support you; you'll be curious, commit to take action, learn, grow as a person and confident leader, more competent and with self-belief.... emotional intelligence is the ability to manage and use your emotions to propel you forward.


You need the proven program, if you're tired of trying to excel on your own and don't know how: 


  • To break down obstacles when they show up, and they will
  • When you know you can't overcome things holding you back, you're struggling, and when you don't know how to respond, and it's hard for you, wondering what should I do next time? As a coach, I help you get really good at overcoming obstacles and, setting new habits, managing emotions, shifting mindsets and using new strategies. 

 What's in the coaching program:

The initial 12 core sessions include:


⭐️Own your path with focus and agency. Develop emotional, organisational, and strategic intelligence. Connect inward for direction, build relationships, and lead as a visionary to reach short and long-term goals.


⭐️Get clarity to define your goals and create a clear path to achieving them. This will help you make effective decisions and live daily with more intention and purpose.


⭐️ energy (mental, physical and emotional) so you can give up the delusion that burnout, depression and sacrificing well-being, sanity and relationships are the inevitable costs of success.


⭐️Embrace courage: Reject the facade of fearlessness, acting like you have to know it all. Step up, defend principles, and have difficult conversations. Sacrifice popularity for meaningful action. Stand firm, take risks.


⭐️Master your time - Productivity: Prioritise, focus, achieve. Efficiently tackle vital tasks and expertly allocate resources. Elevate your productivity and create meaningful use of your time to amplify your results.   


⭐️Influence in leadership shapes behaviour, drives impactful results, and inspires action—crafting careers, transforming companies (firms and businesses), and fulfilling leadership, business, and life visions. It builds influential communication skills


⭐️Embrace an abundance, growth and possibility mindset for boundless potential, unlocking endless growth opportunities. Elevate your skills, turning challenges into stepping stones for unparalleled long-term success and innovation.


⭐️ Master your physiology, and lead with impact. Elevate your physical state and influence others. Create unstoppable teams: collaborative, innovative, conflict-solving powerhouses. Dominate the game. 


⭐️Master the Art of Persuasion: Influence Yourself and Others Skilfully, Which Means You Can Achieve Success Beyond Expectations!


⭐️Discover your authentic 'why' and lead purposefully; inspire teams to overcome hurdles, fostering a meaningful work culture. Drive retention and inspire loyalty.


You'll want to get in on this - with your free 15-minute coaching application call.


This is for you if you've ever said, "I have no time, I can't..., I am exhausted, I can't communicate with influence, I have self-doubt, second guess myself and have no confidence in my abilities and decisions, and I feel like I don't know my priorities or direction...and I'll get to it later" when it comes to any goal. (And if you think you haven't said that, you are lying to yourself. Are you telling me you've  followed through on all your goals to completion?) 


We will discuss whether this program is the right fit for you and visa versa (with some coaching with ME). There's no obligation.


Get in on this soon, as there is only ONE of me, and a limited number of spots are available.


Book your FREE Zoom application call here.  


Where Are The Coaching and Consulting Services Available? 

Sydney, nationwide and worldwide, I'm here to empower your journey.


⭐️The Confident Leader Blueprint CONSULTING Services! ⭐️

I don't know the inner workings of your firm or business, but I've worked with (and with) many leaders and (and in) firms, and I know the issues they face are costing people, profits, productivity and next-level success. If I didn't at least present the solution to you, if I found your firm or business is struggling with issues holding you back, I would feel bad; that is why I would welcome a conversation.  If I can assist, I will recommend the following:

 Phase 1 Consulting (Discover underlying issues): I offer face-to-face (travel) in Australia and international services via Zoom for larger projects in Australia.  Following Phase 1 - I make recommendations for Phase 2.


Phase 2 Consulting (Bespoke Deliverables) - Distance is not an obstacle in Australia or worldwide.


Contact me. You can achieve your desired short- and long-term results with less time and effort and more confidence.


 Don't just take my word for how this will work for you... take a look at what others say...

Here's What People Say About Louise's Consulting Services

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"We've had the support  (in Phase 1) to "start" to grow and ...we have desperately needed this opportunity to stop and take stock...It has had a profound impact."

Director - Law Firm


'We worked through unresolved entrenched conflict and realised that we could move from our positions when we communicated about our 'why.'  I was particularly engaged when did work on our purpose and defining  success..." 

Director - Law Firm



 "I would describe the impact of consulting on my decision-making and future success as a  leader as HUGE..."


Director - Law Firm


'I have been assisted to hold others accountable in a way that will not derail relationships. What surprised me the most was the content Louise delivered at the beginning of Day 2 on how we can think about and approach things...."


Director - Law Firm



'I found Louise's introduction on Day 2 very inspiring because of its depth and how it made me feel that progress was possible... The consulting process has opened up possibilities for me and emphasised the importance of honesty and hope.'

Director - Law Firm

 What Do Others Say About Her Coaching...

Book Your FREE 15 Minute Application Call

 "Before I worked with Louise I drifted...I now have clarity and focus in my life.'


"Working with Louise has been a transformative experience as someone who has struggled with personal and professional growth. 

Louise helped me identify my limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. She helped me better understand myself and my motivations through thoughtful and insightful questioning. In addition, she provided me with tools and techniques to overcome my fears and doubts and to stay focused on my goals. 

Louise challenged me to step outside my comfort zone, take risks and try new things. She helped me build my self-confidence. 

Louise helped me set meaningful goals and create actionable plans to achieve them. 

She helped me communicate more effectively with others. Now I set clear boundaries and communicate my needs clearly and respectfully. 

Working with Louise has helped me overcome my fears and doubts and given me the confidence to achieve my goals. 

I recommend working with Louise; it's a positive, transformative experience. 

Louise is an ethical, compassionate professional who will help you achieve your best if you do the work.' 


Tribunal Member [30 years legal practitioner] 


"..access a higher level of performance at work and in my relationships."


"I struggled with setting boundaries, productivity, staying focused when I my mindset races and I feel overwhelmed. I wanted to juggle all areas of my life well and stay motivated to be healthy in mind and body, which was important to me.


Louise has given me the direction and tools to access a higher performance level at work, in my relationships and personal life.


I highly recommend working with Louise in "The Confident Leader Blueprint" Program. She gives you all the tools to create high-performance habits to perform at your best and live your purpose daily."



K. H. – Principal | Director


"Learning to be more courageous has significantly impacted me, personally and professionally."


 " I struggled with self doubt, worrying what people thought of me, with difficulty forming connections. I felt dissatisfied with my personal life and my inability to get outside my comfort zone and try new things.

After completing "The Confident Leader Blueprint" coaching program, I have been able to take action, that I never dreamed possible. 

I have been helped to show up as the best version of myself and where I want to go instead of focusing on whats wrong, and what could go wrong, which has improved how I feel about myself and the decisions I make.

It's been a life-changing experience...mind-blowing!"


A.B. Partner - Law Firm

" many positive changes"


 I was overwhelmed, stressed and directionless in my business and personal life. 


I have seen so many positive changes, way more than I could have ever expected or dared to think possible. 


I am now aware of the entrenched thought patterns that were holding me back, and I've been given the tools and strategies for big changes.  


I no longer feel like I'm drowning in overwhelm because I have an intention to challenge my thoughts and perfectionism.  I know transformation takes time, and I'm committed to making long-term changes.


I have made positive progress with the accountability and guidance I received from Louise. 


I have no hesitation in recommending you work with Louise. 

B.F.  Principal | Director 



"Louise has supported and challenged me through "The Confident Leader Blueprint" coaching program to break through my beliefs, perfectionism and limiting mindset. 


The habits and tools Louise provided me to increase my productivity, change my perspective and boldly engage in difficult conversations have catapulted me to reach my full potential, living life with reduced stress, increased happiness and better results, personally and professionally. 


I highly recommend you work with Louise to help you reach your goals with extraordinary results in all aspects of your life.


It has been life-changing for me!"


Lynne – Accountant & Workplace Trainer


“A truly valuable and rewarding experience that has changed my life”


The Confident Leader Blueprint -  coaching program has given me insight into areas that have affected my self-belief, courage, and productivity, and provided me with the resources to have more courage and clarity. Louise is relatable, compassionate, honest, and helpful, and challenged me to reach the next level. She has encouraged and supported me to see my goals come to fruition.

Having Louise coach me has been a truly valuable and rewarding experience that has changed my life."

Dita – HR



Welcome to The Confident Leader Blueprint Coaching and Consulting Program, where my unwavering commitment is to your transformation into a confident, influential leader.


My Guarantee:

Unleash the best version of yourself, radiating confidence and mental, emotional and physical energy, boosting your productivity and influence.


Acquire unparalleled Leadership Skills, positioning yourself as a leader among leaders.


Embrace Authentic Leadership, reducing stress and transforming your life and leadership in months, not decades.


Earn Peer Recognition as "The Confident Leader" everyone admires and desires to work with.


Money Back Assurance:

For coaching, experience Transformational Sessions risk-free. A refund is available until the second 1-hour (paid) session following a successful application call and a 45-minute discovery call.


For consulting, if the Phase 1 (Discovery) consultation doesn't provide insights and pinpoint issues holding you back, receive a prompt refund.


Should Phase 2 (Deliverables) not be satisfactory, a refund is issued (refer to coaching guarantee).


My Pledge to You Refunds:

-No Strings Attached: No forms, no proof required.

-Swift Refund Process: Expect your refund within seven days.

-Complete Confidence: A hassle-free promise. I stand for win/win or no deal!


My Commitment:

Dedicated to your growth and satisfaction, I strongly believe in the impact of my coaching and consulting services. Your refund, minus travel or credit card costs, is assured if you are unsatisfied within the specified time conditions.


Experience the Transformation:

Risk-free, The Confident Leader Blueprint awaits your journey. Book your 15-minute coaching application Zoom call now and step into your transformation. Your path to leadership excellence begins here—supported every step!

Are You Ready To Get Started?




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The Quickest And Easiest Way To Hold Yourself Accountable If You Are A  Leader, Lawyer, Barrister, Business Owner, or Solopreneur and Have Goals You Want To Achieve This Year. (Did you know that 20% of people can achieve their goals independently, and New Year's Resolutions last 3.74 months?) 


It is the fastest, easiest, and lowest-price program that does not include Facebook groups, meetings, modules, or in-person meetings. 


I help you personally by holding you accountable so you reach your goals with less effort and time. 


The doors won't open again until January 2025. 


It's only open for one week--- once per year.


P.S. If you're familiar with my work and background, you know I believe that talent is universal, but opportunity isn't.


I'm highly aware of my audience's vast range of economic realities, especially given the world-shaking events of the last few years.  


That's why I will be awarding several needs-based scholarships, including in this program, as I'm committed to expanding opportunities for those who need it most. 


Sign up to go on the waitlist. 

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The Confident Leader Blueprint Bootcamp


This program is focused on boosting your confidence (and taking action despite your fears) because if you're: 

 👉🏻 Always proving yourself right and feeling like you have to have all the answers and believing this demonstrates your confidence... Wrong!

👉🏻 A perfectionist because you believe you produce above-average quality work as a result, and it improves your confidence and results! Wrong!

👉🏻 If you believe in confidence, you never feel fear or doubt yourself. Wrong!


Confidence means trying, and when it doesn't work out the way you hoped, or you don't get what you want, you find the courage to get up and try again (and again) because you trust yourself and your abilities to learn, handle what comes your way, and triumph. Confidence only occurs in the process of taking uncomfortable action. 


Also, I want as many people as possible to have the confidence they need to succeed at the next level. I know the huge toll living without confidence takes. I don't want anyone to suffer like I did without confidence. I like to expand opportunities for those who need to boost their confidence.


People miss out on opportunities often due to financial constraints and lack of confidence.


If you want to be coached personally in The Confident Leader Blueprint Bootcamp and it's NOT financially possible for you, and you're missing opportunities right now. If you're willing to take serious, uncomfortable action, please apply for a complimentary The Confident Leader Blueprint Bootcamp scholarship (when the doors open). 


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The Confident Leader Blueprint PREMIUM High-Performance Coaching & Consultant Program.



Don't have anyone to be honest with you, care about your success and be at your side to help you succeed beyond what you thought possible? 


Here's the problem: You repeat the same actions, thoughts and habits repeatedly and expect a different result. 


You will change by either design or disaster... you choose.


There is a solution....


The Confident Leader Blueprint offers (see above):

- Proven strategies to boost leadership confidence, productivity, communication, and well-being and energy (mental, physical and emotional) habits, routines and results


Ready to lead with confidence? Book an application session now so I can get to know you a little better and discover whether we have a 'good fit' for us to work together -  or not (either way is fine)

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Did you know that delays in leadership development can cost a company 7% of annual profits?


Do you wish you were a more effective, confident leader so you could be the star of your business/'s a great place to start.


Did you know that statistics show that conflict between practitioners at mediation and in the workplace is most likely caused by:

  • 49%: Clashes between personalities or egos
  • 34%: Workplace stress
  • 33%: Too much work without enough support
  • 29%: Poor leadership


Do you wish you resolved conflict more skillfully and excelled in business and life? 

- chances are, effectiveness, success, and confidence are not what you think they are...


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