The Conflict Resolution Game: Exposed!

To win, you need to understand the 'rules.'

Most lawyers, barristers, leaders, and anyone in business, in conflict, struggle with the following:

👉🏻 low confidence - fear they can't cope with the situation or people
👉🏻 fear being criticised and judged, so they stop trying anything 'new' or showing up authentically
👉🏻fear appearing weak and incompetent, and they overcompensate with anger, aggression, or "know-it-all-all attitudes."
👉🏻judging and criticising others so they are distracted from their discomfort, fear, disappointment, and unmet needs

Those who make it to high-performance leaders who negotiate with skill in mediation and workplace disputes focus on these three things (not exhaustive):

🎉 They let people be wrong about them; they don't try to convince others of their worth; they don't 'have to prove anything to anyone. Instead, they focus on showing up authentically confident as the best version of themselves.

🎉They are aware of how they negatively interpret people, communication, processes, and results, including the stories they make up about others, that separate and build obstacles in the conflict... and they are open to evidence that doesn't support their interpretations and stories.

🎉 They intentionally prepare for and focus on how they can approach people and the process as open-minded role models and influencers because they don't want to divide and separate. They want to make a positive difference and influence others to come together—they have a short- and long-term vision.

Once you've mastered yourself, you have next-level leverage.

You take your best self and help elevate your and others' performances, becoming the person others learn from and trust.

That is how you lead in conflict resolution and 'win'.

But here's the catch:

💡You can't be a leader without managing your fears (criticism, judgement etc)
💡You can't lead in conflict if you focus only on problems and what's wrong.
💡 You can't lead in conflict if you aren't willing to innovate.

That takes hard work, a mindset shift, different actions, and a decision to learn HOW to be an extraordinary leader who skillfully resolves conflict.

The conflict resolution game isn't ALL about strategy, position papers and arguments.

It's also about mastering your emotions, mindset, and communication to lead yourself and others to the next level. These are all learnable skills.

So, are you ready to play the game to win?

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