How To Beat The Fear of Change?

What 4 things will help you manage change successfully?


And 1 thing in particular holds the key!


Firstly, let's consider the changes that are impacting family lawyers in Australia. How practitioners deal with these changes will determine whether the transition is easier or more difficult.

What's changing?

The law about parenting, in summary:
👉🏻 New best interest factors
👉🏻Codification of Rice and Asplund
👉🏻 Removal of equal shared presumption
👉🏻 Removal of the pathway (steps) for live/time with

🏁 6 May 2024 (except where the final hearing commenced).

What will it mean for lawyers and their clients?
⪩ Steep learning curve: where mistakes will be made and lessons learned
🪜 No steps | pathways to follow = more gray areas to navigate
🧨 Greater discretion by judicial officers everywhere
⚖️ Evidence required
⚡️The way advice is given to clients and cases are run.

So whenever you find yourself stressed out and worried about making mistakes, not wanting to look like a fool and incompetent in the changed family law landscape, remember these:

🌟 Don't destroy your confidence by accepting your default negative feelings and thoughts about yourself as 'truth.' Challenge them; they lie to you - be your cheerleader, not your harshest critic.
🌟 Embrace your mistakes. Just as a potter moulds odd-shaped clay, embrace mistakes as the shaping of your journey. Mistakes are the raw material for mastering change. They help you grow and come back stronger and more skilled.
🌟 Fight the urge to focus on what is wrong and what could go wrong (it will be where you head and stay stuck) and instead focus on what could go right - focus on possibilities and don't limit yourself.
🚀 Celebrate the small goals you meet every day. Even small improvements/wins - [no matter how small they are] will push you forward as you prove to yourself that you've got this!

Remember, your mindset is everything!

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside changes, too!

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