Many leaders, legal professionals, employees, and HR professionals find grappling with their emotions when faced with conflict a common challenge.
They devote considerable time to meticulously preparing their documents, arguments, and logistical details; preparing their emotions, which determine how they interact, communicate, and think, are often overlooked.
…then, often, they react and inflame conflict with their communication style, body language or behaviour when provoked by poor behaviour or harsh communication or demonstrate their usual lack of EQ or leadership 'style'.
It doesn't have to be that way.
There's a simple, often undervalued way to prepare yourself so that you don't become the reason the conflict isn't resolved—and it requires no guesswork.
It’s about these 3 tips (+ a bonus) 😁:
-  Understanding yourself - what do you feel when challenged, faced with high conflict, or disrespect? How do you react when faced with this so you aren't triggered - prepare!

- Understand other humans – hurt people, hurt people. Happy, content people don't.
- People who put you down or compete often lack confidence and want to appear competent and better; it reflects their insecurities.
- Angry and frustrated people or those who won't listen to or acknowledge others' different, creative, or new ideas lack healthy, emotionally intelligent coping mechanisms.
This is a step-by-step guide; you must know precisely how to do this.
Conflict resolution becomes much easier when poor behaviour or high-conflict communication is approached this way.
No more wasted time.
No more missed opportunities
No more unmanaged reactions that inflame conflict
It's not just a conflict resolution event focused on resolving conflict; it's an opportunity to build relationships, improve your leadership skills and communication, and find enjoyment while helping others resolve conflict in often challenging emotional circumstances.
Ready to learn more?
Follow these steps, and you'll be well on your way: CLICK TO GET YOUR COPY HERE
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