Could You Identify 1, 2, 5, 10 Things That Aren't Giving You Freedom Or Helping You Stand Out From The Crowd?

I recently spoke with a CEO and asked the question👇, and nothing could be identified.


The truth is that it does require us to be honest with ourselves- concerning our:

- habits

- processes

- mindset

- feelings and emotions

- strategies

- bottlenecks

- communication

- conflict resolution skills

- strengths and weaknesses

- business/teams/culture etc

- and results


What makes it hard for many to measure themselves realistically is that many :


👉🏻 Measure themselves so unbelievably hard, with the most insane expectations, that the measurement is based on perfection... an impossible goal.


👉🏻Don't want to admit flaws, mistakes, or uncomfortable truths because they feel it threatens their self-worth and value, so they avoid it.


👉🏻Don't have self-awareness and aren't aware of certain aspects of themselves (blind spots) holding them back.


👉🏻Get caught up in the daily operational demands and urgent tasks, and see using the time to measure as non-essential.


👉🏻When a business is highly profitable, leaders believe the assessment is unnecessary, leading to complacency and missed opportunities for improvement. Assuming their intuition and experience are sufficient is a blind spot.


👉🏻Have a self-serving bias where they attribute positive outcomes to their actions and adverse consequences to external factors. This helps maintain a positive self-image but distorts their perception



The power of regular self-assessment is an essential habit for the top 1% of leaders:


🔥 Improvement is only possible with measurement. Creating a culture of trust and psychological safety is essential for resolving conflicts, achieving collective success, and easily attracting and retaining top talent.


🔥They identify the strategies and behaviours that lead to more tremendous success. This ongoing process of self-assessment (business, conflict resolution, team, etc.) and adaptation fosters continual improvement and superior performance.


🔥Understanding and managing emotions (EQ) helps individuals handle responses effectively, take different actions when fearful, empathize, and build relationships. These are crucial for high-performance leadership and conflict resolution.


So, if you aren't engaged in regular self-assessment yet, I invite you to join the Confident Leader Circle private group, where I share exclusive insights, training, and support to help you measure regularly so you rise in your leadership and life journey. Join HERE



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