Old Litigation Barrister Louise In 2018:

😭 Exhausted – working long hours
🤯 Not 💔 what I was doing
😩 Feeling like I was not in charge of my life, career or business
🙁 Not feeling like I was using all of my skills and talents to the full
😞 Sacrificing my time and energy for 'things' that weren't meaningful for me.

New Louise In 2024:
💸Built a mediation, leadership coaching, consulting and education business
🔥 Love what I do and feel fulfilled and content
❤️ Use my time, energy, skills and knowledge to help people wherever they are in Australia and globally.
🥳On a mission to help lawyers and workplaces resolve conflict more easily and help female professionals become the top 1% in their field without the stress or sacrificing what matters most

Want a change in your life?

1️⃣Take full responsibility for everything and where you're at right now.

2️⃣ Get clarity and set a specific goal. Create a plan and work towards your goal daily. Get a coach or consultant to help you through this process.

3️⃣Understand that the only limits that stop us are in our minds or our fears. Your potential is on the other side of these. You can define and design your life, leadership and conflict resolution processes and results.

I hope this inspired someone today.

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