Game Changing...

This idea changed my meditations (and will change yours, too).


I've represented many clients and mediated many matters; one specific case comes to mind.


My counterpart refused to acknowledge my presence before the formal mediation began. (P.S. It didn't settle after two mediations).



Now, I'm direct and upfront and aim to be a considerate communicator, and I do expect to be treated with basic manners.



A lack of manners, aggression, cold, and ego-driven behaviours can trigger me.



I'm giving you a high expectation, and I am confident you can do THIS idea that I wish I had known earlier:


⭐️ Be Intentional: Prepare beforehand how you will communicate, lead yourself and others, and show up in the negotiation, regardless of the external temperature around you... Focus on what you/I control - YOU/ME!



It's a mistake to think that the following will build trust and influence others' minds positively so you resolve more easily:


👉🏻 your position paper is at its highest

👉🏻 focus only on legal arguments

👉🏻 use your position and power to get what you want.



It's worth considering if you're risk-averse and don't want to waste time, money and reputation on failed conflict resolution | mediations.


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