What's holding you back from sustained, high-level ultra success in all areas of your life?

💡75% of female executives lack self-worth
💡 73% of men feel inadequate and
💡100% of men are likely to have one female (at least) in their lives who think they are fundamentally unworthy as a person.
💡 85% of people struggle with confidence (and 93% believe self-confidence is critical to professional success)

Your low self-worth and low self-confidence impact your ability to reach and sustain ultra success - how?

If you have feelings of LOW self-worth (based on your identity), you:
👉🏻 often feel stuck, working hard in a perpetual cycle of unfulfillment
👉🏻will do anything to avoid rejection and criticism
👉🏻 self-sabotage yourself, your relationships and results
👉🏻 have difficulty saying 'no' - you're a people pleaser
👉🏻feel like you're not good enough, doubt yourself as a person
👉🏻 and hide your authentic self to fit in - believing if you knew me, they wouldn't like me
👉🏻 low ambitions - because if you go for it and fail, your worth is shaken, and you won't try again - it's too scary to try, and you don't trust yourself

Low self-confidence, on the other hand, is a superpower:
👉🏻 believing you are not skilled enough to do whatever opportunity comes your way because you don't feel you have the skills; you believe you can't learn, try, fail or master; you either have it or you don't.
👉🏻You won't be motivated to try new things, avoid innovation and get outside your comfort zone; you delay and procrastinate
👉🏻 Showing up inauthentically, trying to 'fit in' to what you believe others expect of you.

For the first three decades of my life, I was overwhelmed by low self-esteem, self-doubt and confidence... then I decided to learn how to overcome these obstacles, not just for myself but to make my mess my message... because I don't know people can change...I KNOW it!

I have seen many legal and medical professionals, people in leadership roles, and business owners lack self-confidence and have low self-worth, and they think when I get X in years or decades ...[X = promotion, wealth, real estate portfolio, more prestigious role, thriving business, etc.] ...then I'll be happy, feel good about myself, feel fulfilled and confident and live my best life (all areas).

The harsh truth is that faulty thinking holds you back.

Because all of us (you and me) take who we are with us every step of the way on the road to success, and even when we reach the "top" - you still have you with you.

Remember: You decide not to doubt anymore, not be discouraged anymore, not delay anymore, not miss any more opportunities because you don't feel ready.

Step into your greatness!

You are one new decision away from maxing out your life (in all areas)!


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