In 2005, I had been employed full-time by a gynaecologist | obstetrician for 2.5 years.


He told me he thought I was too smart to be a "practice manager" and asked me if I wanted to study and become qualified before he retired in 5-6 years.


If I did, he would give me extra time off around exams to study.


I decided to take the opportunity to study law.


He gave me time off when I needed it, including PLT training, when I travelled to Canberra one day a week for ten weeks.


At these times, when I wasn't in the office, he lost money because he had to close his business.


It was a generous gesture, the most generous I had ever seen from an employer.


I worked my butt off for him for the next five years.


I recovered $500k in debts that had been outstanding from before I started.


I systemised his business operations, and his income increased.


It cost his business lost earnings of approximately $50k.


Five years of me giving my blood, sweat and tears to managing and improving his business operations and outcomes.




That's a good ROI.


If you want to motivate people, see their potential and develop them for however long they are with you.


To do that, you must develop yourself so your standards are higher than those you set for others.


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