Are You Managing Your Emotions Or Are They Managing You?

I made a choice decades ago.


To learn how to manage my mindset and my emotions (EQ).


It wasn't cool at the time.


It was stigmatised as a sign that something was wrong with you.


Being" stoic and 'appearing in control" was valued more than learning how to manage emotions and thoughts and show up authentically.


The difference now is that research supports the benefits of managing emotions and thought processes to perform at higher levels and achieve next-level success.


🙌🏻 90% of high performers have high EQ

🙌🏻 The demand for EQ skills will grow 6 x in the next 3-5 years.

🙌🏻 A company prioritising emotional intelligence is 22x more likely to perform higher than companies that don't.

🙌🏻 Emotional intelligence interventions in the workplace reduce employee turnover by 63%

👉🏻Work-related stress and burnout currently cost the UK economy £28bn a year, resulting in 23.3 million sick days yearly.


EQ and mindset (high performance) mastery tools transformed my life, career and business, a journey that began years ago.


The popularity of high-performance habits, mindset, and tools, including EQ, has risen dramatically in recent years. They are now "cool." 💡


If you're not becoming more emotionally intelligent and mastering your mindset over time, you're not becoming more mature, empowered, or positive high performers and getting better at "life."


There's unlimited upside to EQ and mindset mastery (high performance).


And there is NO downside.


How do you become a competent, high-performing role model who is in control and shows up as the best version of yourself in everything you do?


Do what I did.


Manage your emotions (EQ) and master your mindset (high performance) so they work for you, not against you.


Because no matter what you do, you take you... with you.



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