How To Improve Your Conflict Resolution Skills x 10

You're never too senior, influential, experienced or successful to learn from others and how they view a situation.

Think about it...

Communication breakdowns and impasses hinder progress, often due to no interest (or feeling no need) to understand different perspectives and learn from others.

Here are the 10 BIG costs to you and your clients (in conflict resolution) when you don't pay close attention to how others look at a situation | case | story;

🙈Friction: Prolonged disputes with communication breakdowns.
🙈Missed Opportunities: Limits settlement options, increasing relationship breakdown.
🙈Diminished Trust: Lack of understanding erodes rapport, impacting success.
🙈Lost Innovation: Closed-mindedness hampers creative strategies, hindering effective solutions.
🙈Damaged Reputation: Inflexibility alienates parties, affecting referrals and future business opportunities.
🙈Escalating Stress: Disregarding perspectives intensifies conflict, elevating emotional and financial stress.
🙈Missed Clarity: The absence of diverse viewpoints obscures crucial nuances, leading to costly errors.
🙈Long-Term Costs: Persistent refusal to understand diverse perspectives heightens risk and expense.
🙈 Inefficiency: Resistance to differing viewpoints drives up time and emotional playouts.

This is just the beginning.

Remember that someone may say something mean to you when you seek to understand their views.

You may be worried that you'll appear weak and incompetent if you do

When you stop worrying about what others 'possibly' think and recognise that perspective-taking is a strength, you'll be in great shape as you embrace your unique approach, and achieving your goals will become more straightforward.

Those who win at mediation and workplace conflicts prepare differently and take different actions.

Openness and genuine curiosity towards others' perspectives can be a game-changer.

Recognising that we are all learning, elevating, and transforming as we go is essential.

No one's doing it perfectly. Just get started!


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