As I come to the end of this year, I want to express gratitude to all of you - the leaders, teams, non-conformists, lawyers, law firms, businesses, change-makers, and aspiring difference-makers 🚀

Whether I've nudged, pushed, or bulldozed you (I hope you didn't get too hurt!😂) in your leadership, teams, business and conflict resolution journey this year in coaching and consulting, blogs, mediations or speaking engagements, your support has been much appreciated.

I have tried to make you uncomfortable, challenge you, make you think differently, cheer you on, and support you to move you out of your comfort zone with the tools to win at the next level.


'As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once unknown and frightening becomes your new normal' - Robin S. Sharma (and your world, skills, mindset, life, leadership, and conflict resolution results expand exponentially!)


Wishing you a rejuvenating break filled with joy and laughter 🎉

But if you have a difficult time being with family and friends over the break, remember you are in control of how you show up, your perspective, your communication, and the boundaries you set....will you be reactive or responsive by setting an intention - how would the best version of me handle this situation?

You don't have to be perfect; that's not the standard, but you get to decide to live an extraordinary quality of life, feeling satisfied and fulfilled, even when faced with adversity and challenge.


Let's flip the script, embrace new challenges in new ways, and chase those dreams like an Olympic athlete sprinting to the finish line with veracity, giving their all in each stride to win a gold medal.

So, here's to aim higher, learning and taking bolder action, and steer your ships towards bigger wins in 2024! 🥂

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