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Working with a holistic barrister, who is a Harvard trained mediator, will make conflict resolution easier as it transforms negative behaviour and mindsets into positive, which is then nurtured in a calm environment. 

We skillfully manage roadblock emotions, to ensure positive emotions are expanding logical thoughts, essential for those hard decisions. We guide you and your clients, every step of the way, to reach a mutually beneficial outcome.     

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You get the exact training provided to high performers to achieve clarity, the first habit of high performance. 


You can't know where you're going before you know where you are, and this training helps you clarify both.


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She is a multidisciplinary barrister, mediator, high performance and emotional intelligence and dare to lead coach and consultant. 


Her mission is to help legal professionals and workplaces resolve conflict by leveraging the skills that move the needle, making conflict resolution easier, AND helping female professionals become the top 1% of leaders in their field without the stress or sacrificing what matters most in the Confident Leader Blueprint.

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 "We've had the support  (in Phase 1) to "start" to grow and ...we have desperately needed this opportunity to stop and take stock...It has had a profound impact."

Director - Law Firm



'We worked through unresolved entrenched conflict and realised that we could move from our positions when we communicated about our 'why.'  I was particularly engaged when did work on our purpose and defining  success..." 

Director - Law Firm



"I struggled with a lack of self-belief and fear, which caused me to act and communicate in ways I wasn't proud of.  After coaching in "The Confident Leader Blueprint" program, I feel like I can trust myself more, put myself out there and socialise more, even when I feel stressed and uncertain of the outcomes.


I've been given the tools to change my mindset, become a more impactful communicator, be more focused and productive, and push myself outside what feels comfortable for me. As a result, I have reached goals I never thought possible.


It's been a life-changing experience...mind-blowing!"

A. B. Partner - Law Firm



"Working with Louise has been a transformative experience as someone who has struggled with personal and professional growth. 

Louise helped me identify my limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, and through thoughtful and insightful questioning, she helped me better understand myself and my motivations.

Louise challenged me to step outside my comfort zone, take risks and try new things. She helped me build my self-confidence. 

Now, I set clear boundaries and communicate my needs clearly and respectfully. 

I recommend working with Louise; it's a positive, transformative experience.


Tribunal Member

[30 years legal practitioner] 

Overall Mediation Rating: 9.5/10


"Her skills were instrumental in resolving the matter."


"Louise treated me and my client as important and with skill. She was well prepared and accessible, easy to approach and committed to adding value. She was positive and built rapport with me and my client. Her skills were instrumental in resolving the matter."


VS – Principal Solicitor

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"Louise helped bring about settlement at mediation in difficult circumstances..."


This was accomplished mainly through her interactions with a challenging party.


I would definitely recommend and refer Louise to other family lawyers as a family law mediator. 


Adam West - Principal Lawyer

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"I cannot think of one way Louise could have improved her interactions with my client.."


There wasn't anything I didn't like about Louise's mediation methods.

All of her dealings with me and my client were appropriate and well-handled.

Our client was praised and reality-tested.

I would definitely recommend Louise to others to mediate their family law matters." 

Carli Heald - Family Lawyer

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