Stop Avoiding Hard And Do This Instead

A partner in a law firm expressed regret to me, saying: "I wished I had spent more time with my dying father, but I didn't due to my work commitments."

I get it; you face daily challenges that require tough decisions as you strive to balance everything.

And in the process, do you often sacrifice:

- what matters most to you.

- your needs (mental, physical and emotional), well-being, and fulfilment.

- meaningful relationships

- vibrancy and energy for life.

Life is about choices.

The hardest choices are those that you look back on with regret.

How can you achieve a 20/20 vision while making tough choices? Daily difficulties and uncertainty are inevitable, whatever 'hard' you choose.

Here are the 5 truths you probably need to hear:

💡 Stop blaming time, money or your career role as the reasons you don't do what you want to do (or, more importantly, need to do)
💡Get crystal clear on what's most important to you.
💡Stop trying to be liked by everyone or like everyone else
💡Stop buying into your own importance.
💡 Stop trying to avoid hard choices; whatever path you choose is' hard'.

So are you going to be that person who lives life (all areas) to the full, with clarity, courage, confidence and intention, or that person who is on their deathbed...and finally has time to reflect on their life and what you feel is regret?

Want to feel happier? You have to forego staying in your comfort zone
Want to have a more fulfilling career, relationships, well-being, etc? You have to forego staying in your comfort zone
Want to feel vibrant and energised? You have to forego staying in your comfort zone.

Every day, you are in the fight of your life; what 'hard' will you choose?

You are the one who controls the outcomes.
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