With The Fast-Paced Changes In The World, In  Leadership, Conflict  Resolution, Business & Life... You Have To Know What To Do More Of & What To Let Go So You Constantly Improve To Reach The Top 1% Without Sacrificing What Matters Most.

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Some Of The Hurdles That Stop YOU From Getting Better At Life,  Leadership, Conflict Resolution and Business:

 So What's Holding YOU Back From Being In The Top 1%, Living Your BEST Life, Leading Others Skilfully and Feeling Self Confident In Whatever You Do?  


Louise Mathias, The Confident Leader Can Help You In 3 Ways

Meet Louise

Louise has had diverse career and life experiences, including working as an employee in small and large multinational businesses and organisations, in management and leadership roles, and as a barrister, mediator, high-performance, EQ and Dare To Lead (Brene Brown) coach, and consultant.


Louise has faced significant challenges that impact us all. She has witnessed and experienced firsthand some of the biggest human obstacles we confront in life, leadership, business, and conflict resolution, and has overcome them to live a life she designed, not by default. As a result, she has the depth, experience, and knowledge to help others do the same/


She continues to lead a continuous journey of learning and improvement, on a mission to make a positive difference, shake up the status quo, and help build the most confident, self-assured, high-performing professionals, leaders, and businesses who are taking charge of their lives, leadership, and conflict resolution without sacrificing what matters most.

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Here's A Sample Of A Few Businesses and Organisations I've Worked With 

Hear What People Say...

August 2023

Topic: Freedom From Guilt: Why Learning To Say No Is Essential For Your Wellbeing (and MORE)...


  • She has her finger on the pulse of issues faced by the legal profession and is inspirational!

  • Well presented, engaging, empowering and topical. No complaints!

  • It was great!

August 2023.

Topic: Master Managing High Conflict Personalities  (HCPs) With Confidence. 

  • Louise provided encouraging strategies to deal with HCPs and polls during the presentation, and this told me I was not alone in needing them.¬†
  • Very useful and professional.
  • Highly insightful and well-presented food for thought across all work and personal levels.¬†
  • Very interesting, she¬†was a fantastic and engaging speaker.¬†

August 2023

Topic: The Perfectionism Trap: Why Letting Go Of Perfect Will Improve Your Life & Career.

  • An¬†insightful talk about a very common problem.
  • Very thought-provoking and empowering. I will definitely take the time to complete the workbook.
  • Excellent, concise and challenging presentation.
  • A fabulous, engaging presenter who understands the internal pressures on lawyers.¬†

September 2023


Topic: Reclaim Your Power: Transform Your Life and Career by Letting Go of the Need for Others' Approval

  • ¬†Louise is genuinely transformative; her authenticity is refreshing.
  • Louise's personal stories create a deep audience connection.
  • ¬†I recommend Louise's series for inspiration, introspection, and motivation for change.


September 2023


Topic: Navigating The Ethical, Values & Moral Landscape. [The Importance of Making The Right Choice]


  • Always good reminders
  • It felt more like an inspirational presentation on how to be an effective, value-driven, ethical¬†and moral leader rather than focusing solely on legal professionals' ethical obligations.



'Outstanding Presentation'

Topic: Wellbeing In These Difficult Times (and Beyond)


I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Louise on an outstanding presentation...Thank you for such an uplifting presentation. 


Paul Mendelow - Barrister

West Australian Bar


31% of attendees rated the presentation 4/5, and 52% rated the presentation 5/5 
Topic: Essentials Of Creating Ethical, Accountable & High Performing Leaders, Teams and Cultures.


  • Very informative and inspiring
  • An engaging and energetic speaker
  • Very motivating and impressive
  • Warm, engaging & informative.
  • Great - very passionate.
  • Very thought-provoking.
  • She is¬†in touch with the legal profession.
  • Well-presented and engaging.
  • Really enjoyed the segment about trust

The Kind Lawyer Group Workshop (Canberra).


Topic: 'Do Business and Live With Clarity, Courage and Influence.' 


"A true motivator"


"Louise Mathias is a compelling, informative, and authentic speaker. She came to speak with our group, and all participants left with a sense of purpose and renewed energy. Louise has that effect on you ‚Äď she is a true motivator.

Her discussion around courage and living life without regrets resonated for me, particularly against the background of Louise's own story."

 Pepe Kish - Principal Lawyer

MARCH 2023 - 



Topic: "Mediation & Dispute Resolution: Essential Toolkit"


 52% of attendees rated the masterclass 5/5, and 35% rated it 4/5. 


  • Excellent¬†
  • Louise gave a very interesting and engaging presentation and adapted her content well for the audience. Overall, it was an excellent presentation‚ÄĒbeneficial and informative content.
  • Challenging and instructive, novel example, great presentation



Topic: "Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder - Ethics Unwrapped."


..thank you for such a refreshing seminar...please keep on doing what you're doing. I hope lots of people get the privilege of listening to you and that law firms slowly change...for the better. Thanks again!



  • Very different to a typical ethics seminar - helpful and practical. A good reminder that even small decisions count.
  • Well-researched, well-structured, thoughtful and inspiring
  • Honest approach to thinking about ethics. Excellent speaker
  • As a new lawyer in my first-ever ethics training session, I expected a lecture on legal ethics. What Louise gave was an amazing coaching session. I felt confronted but inspired.¬†

March 2023 -CONFERENCE 


 Topic: "Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder - Ethics Unwrapped." 

  • Thank you ‚Äď that was excellent.
  • A welcome refreshing approach to the topic of ethics without reciting section after section of legislation and reading from cases of lawyers who have done wrong.
  • Very refreshing approach
  • This has been an inspiring presentation
  • A welcome change from the standard CPD presentation, focussing on individual ethical responsibility and the benefits of applying the multiple facets of sound ethical thinking in often challenging legal scenarios. A reminder that it is the critical foundation on which good legal practice is based.
  • Lovely seminar wonderful flow, and it covered many different aspects of legal and personal ethics.



Learn the exact strategies, tools, and exercises high performers use to build clarity in their leadership, life, conflict resolution, and everything they do.  


From making your future clear while tapping into the mindset of a Mediator (Harvard), Certified High Performance, EQ and Dare To Lead (Brene Brown) Coach and Consultant: Louise Mathias of The Confident Leader Blueprint covers all this in this FREE training.


Now, if you're MARRIED to the idea, this “won't work" for ME.


I want you to know...If you argue for your disbelief, you will own it.


You will experience it.


If, on the other hand, you are open to possibilities, then everything is available to you.


Including what you think is impossible.


Just ask yourself… what if this DID work for ME? What would that make possible?


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