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What do you think is the #1 emotion that stops us from achieving amazing things?


⁉️ Regret; dwelling on past mistakes and missed opportunities?

⁉️ Complacency: content with the status quo?

⁉️ Procrastination: put off things until the 'perfect time' or when I 'feel ready'?


All of these prevent people from learning, growing, and reaching their full potential and, in the process, reduce self-belief and confidence.


But the #1 emotion is: FEAR


- Am I good enough?

- Will there be retribution?

- I don't know the outcome, I'm uncertain, it's a risk

- Will I fail?

- Will I lose $$$?

- What will people think of me?

- I can't do...

- Resist change - status quo


What are you most scared of?


Are your emotions (that lead to your thoughts) playing tricks on you?


If you're afraid and stop taking action before you've even begun:


😰 to hold people accountable

😰 to make decisions with a 'what's possible" mindset

😰 to systemise success

😰 to apologise and admit your mistakes

😰 to speak up about tough issues or give a dissenting viewpoint

😰 to have hard conversations

😰 to try new things, fearful you'll lose control or fail

😰 to make confident decisions rather than "What will people think of me?"

😰 to consistently hold yourself accountable to learn, grow and be the best version of you


... you're being held back by fear.


You will continue to go through the motions, never knowing what you're capable of.



If you are a leader, lawyer, barrister, or business owner, you may possess the technical skills and strategies to succeed. Still, your fears make you step back, procrastinate, hold back, and dismiss new ideas, and you may even hate me, challenging you to expect more from yourself.



You continue to sit in your comfort zone and never expand and grow, and everyone suffers (waiting to implode, and it will happen;- I know; I've been there).



But once you commit to being aware of and taking charge of your emotions (including fear), you will give yourself one of the most powerful gifts that no one else can: self-belief and confidence.



You'll then realise you are on the other side of the emotions that aren't working for you... and you'll see your ability to lean into your full potential.



To be emotionally INTELLIGENT, you must be aware of and manage your emotions effectively (not dismiss, ignore, or lock them away).



If you catch yourself saying, 'I don't know how to do that, why even try? It won't work for me, I have no time for this,' then switch that thinking to, ' It's my job to be aware of my emotions and manage them so that I learn, commit to that emotion and manage it, change, and get better, not only for myself but those who rely on me to be my best.'


That's my job until the day I die.


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